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Apr 15

"You’re just like a piece of a wheat. You spend your whole life growing and being processed but in the end you just end up a cracker"



honestly if you have a confederate flag or a tattoo, sticker, car magnet, WHATEVER depicting it I will have nothing to do with you and automatically consider you a terrible person with a) no knowledge of history and b) a brain comparable to the roadkill you ate for dinner

you must be northern. 

like I’ve met people who use it just for southern heritage, and I’ve met bigot who use “southern heritage” as an excuse to be a bigot. 

It’s really not a big deal down here, the black community isn’t scared of some hick with a flag on his truck. 

Southern heritage is racist though. The confederate flag is historically steeped in racism.

and inb4 “you’re not from the south” because I’m from TN.

Apr 14

I finished book 3 of game of thrones and holy shit.

“There’s never a “period of calm” for Palestinians. Whether a child abducted in the middle of the night, a father shot while tending to his land, or a family left atop a demolished home, the onslaught is incessant. “Calm” simply means that as Palestinian schools are bombed, refugees are expelled, & loved ones bury the dead, Israelis are still on the beach living it up.” —

Remi Kanazi

(via anonymousmilitant)

Every episode this season is going to be fucking insane.

Either someone does something badass or someone dies like every 30 pages in the book from here on out, so brace yourself.

Motivational Joffrey

Motivational Joffrey

The urge to spoil shit for show-watchers of game of thrones is too high. I don’t even know why I feel that way but shit.

You all should read the books.

Apr 13

The 2014 grand loop station beatbox battle was some fucking epic shit.

Another super busy week is incoming followed by finals week, so it is very likely that I will be posting much less than I have been posting.

Apr 12


GAME OF TROPES: Racefail (spoilers)



I’m late to Game of Thrones - but I caught up.  And I couldn’t help photoshopping this picture of Khal Drogo as a Klingon.  Anyone sad enough to be familiar with both GOT and Star Trek knows exactly what I’m talking about. 

The Klingons are the Dothraki of Star Trek - the scary, warmongering Other from the Heart of Darkness out in deep space.  The great thing about imaginary black and brown people is that white sci-fi/ fantasy writers can project their repressed oriental fetishes onto a blank canvas without taking responsibility – “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S RACIST, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS KLINGONS OR DOTHRAKI! How can we be racist towards people WHO DON’T EVEN EXIST??”  Funny how it’s always real black and brown people who have to play the role of the imaginary ‘non-existent’ warrior/tribal/primitive/race. (With the exception of the original Star Trek, which had white actors in blackface as Klingons … lol)


You can dress it up as fantasy, but we know who you’re talking about.


GOT wasted no time in establishing the Dothraki as a horde of raping, warring animals who have no word for ‘thank you’ and enjoy public sex games and deaths at a wedding.  The codes are never original: love of war and pillaging, animalistic sex rituals (anyone remember this tender moment on Star Trek: TNG -, some ‘noble savage’ warrior code that glorifies conquest, authoritarian social order, growling, pumped up men and hyper-sexual women, beards, braids, boobs blah, blah blah.  The Dothraki are a grab bag of every native/ savage/ other signifier you can think of.




But this isn’t just about imagery and brown people looking bad on TV – the Dothraki storyline is just a stepping stone for Dany’s overall storyline which is more deeply racist - essentially, a liberal white woman who goes around saving and civilising brown people.  The subtext of Dany’s story is a cultural war where Dany’s enlightened values triumph over lesser ones, where whiteness is both a conquering and civilising force.


It begins with taming the savage Drogo who rapes her “like a hound takes a bitch,” on their wedding night (and every night after that) - until she teaches him the tenderness of looking him in the eyes when they sleep together. Then, the reforming of Dothraki customs: Dany prevents the rape of female prisoners and even gets Drogo to back her against the wishes of his riders.  Finally, she establishes herself as a leader when she gives birth to her dragons (at this point the brown people literally prostrate themselves to her).


Barbarian cultures who don’t know how to treat women bowing in the face of superior technology and military arsenal (Dragons are basically the advanced fighter jets of the GOT universe) – does this feel familiar?  She then goes from city to city freeing slaves who dutifully join her quest.  Dany’s story is, at its heart, a neocon wet dream.  She is Laura Bush, advocating for the invasion of Iraq under the pretext of saving its women who are desperate to live a life like hers.


I feel like we are supposed to root for Dany because she is becoming a strong woman; originally meek and abused by her brother, she outsmarts men at their own game.  We are supposed to forget that she is fighting for nothing more than her own sense of entitlement to the throne, like some upper-class brat who loses her family’s fortune and eventually manages to become CEO of her own corporation.  Somehow all the grateful brown people she liberates are happy to march behind her for the sake of an imperial project that they have no stake in.  Oh - like every good white liberal, she manages to pick up a Black Best Friend (Missandei) along the way:




The Season 3 finale took things to the next level; after liberating another city of slaves, Dany waits to see whether she will be greeted as a liberator or conqueror.  (the writers try to get off the hook by acknowledging that she is aware of the difference). In fact, she gets a better deal - they claim her as their ‘Mother.’  She ends up crowdsurfing over the brown people like some kind of Tagaryan Bono with all of the smug satisfaction of a gap-year backpacker that has just built an orphanage in a village somewhere.


 Anyway. It’s just a TV show, right?

The second part of this post is here:


Fucking India

Man I feel so bad for Theon shit

pineapplexjuice replied to your post: I just did a dishonored speedrun in 1 …

how the fuck

I basically watched a bunch of speedrun videos and tried to copy what they did, but because I suck it took me twice as long for everything.

Here’s a general gist of how I try to speedrun:

Get the following runes/powers:

Rune in the void:

Get Agility 1

Rune at guardstation thing on way to Holger Square

Rune in room where campbell meets curnow

Two Runes in weeper area

Get Agility 2

Rune in weird area outside of Golden Cat (hard to describe)

Rune on wall on the first or second floor (I forgot which).

Get Blink 2

Those are all the powers you need to be sped up.

And then try to do shit as fast as possible.