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Oct 22

I’m about to try making my own cider.

Apparently it’s easy so why not?

Oct 21






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YES it’s my #1 favorite series i love it so much

oooh boy and it’s 112 episodes so it’ll last me a while!


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okay but have you watched yu yu hakusho?

I have not. I’ll start now.

Instead of doing my countless hours of homework, I edited my MAL and adjusted the ratings of a bunch of shows. (Basically I was giving too many things high ratings for no good reason). I basically reduced everything down by 1 or more rating points except for Hunter x Hunter.

I’m currently watching too many shows…

I’m currently watching too many shows…

Oct 20

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Aw, if I wasn’t working I’d go barhopping down 6th St. with you.

work is for chumps :P

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Why do you never fucking come to canada

I don’t have my passport with me and I don’t have any job interviews in Canada. 

I’m gonna be in Austin for 3 days November 13th-15th. I’ll be busy the 13th night and 14th till like 8 PM, but if any of you wanna hang out the 14th night, let me know. 


but communism literally *pulls verb out of hat* killed *spins big wheel* 2,504,000 during the *throws dart at timeline* 1921 *pulls event out of hat* grain harvest

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I feel so sad that FSM makes me think Finite State Machine instead of Flying Spaghetti Monster


If a Palestinian ran over & crushed to death an Israeli child, an “investigation” wouldn’t be opened, that Palestinian would be in jail or dead right now. On top of that, the Palestinian’s home would be raided, a few family members would be arrested & their community’s lives would be made a living hell. But because the dead child is a 5 year old Palestinian girl, there is no “flare up,” no “ceasefire shattered,” no “calm disrupted.” It is just ignored.

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